Corporate training

Communicative and sales trainings:

– effective negotiations with key customers
– arduous negotiations
– effective “cold calls”
– sales and negotiations В2В
– fundamental sales training
– habit progression of person’s influence and moral suasion
–  tangled interaction situations management
– negotiating algorithm with suppliers
– difficult clients communication techniques
– customer-focused
– objections handling in sales
– VIP client service
– constructive solution of disputed situations
– effective visit to a doctor and a pharmacy
– complex products and solutions sale
– consultative selling

Marketing – training subjects:

– marketing and channel partnership management
– marketing management
– sales and marketing management
– new product development in the company
– psychology and brand marketing

Management competency training:

– management decisions acceptance and implementation
– conflict management
– leadership
– coaching in workforce management
– management in changes conditions
– effective holding of meeting
– team building
– long-range planning
– managerial skills
– drive-management
– Development of strategic thinking skills
– personal management efficiency
– project management
– the interaction between business units
– micromanagement
– category management

Special competency training:

– lean manufacturing*
– thinking out of the box development
– strategic importance training (visionary thinking and strategic competence development)
– personal effectiveness training
– professional and personal confidence development
– emotional intelligence development
– finance for non-financiers
– the art of setting forward of thoughts
– training for trainers
– the art of public speaking

*Guarantee TNG is the representative in Ukraine of the Lin-expert with a world name on this subject.

Financial and tax seminars and trainings:

– advertising and marketing activities in accounting: from “supporting documents” to taxes
– financial and tax literacy fundamentals for non-financiers
– company fixed assets: capitalization, accounting, disposal. Problem issues and their solutions
– promotions conducting: effectively and with the least tax losses
– budgeting
– personal finances
– inventory at the company: count correctly
– financial statements: learn to compile and analyze
– underwriting. Read financial statements
– financial management
– transfer pricing
– company management accounting
– financial statements in lay terms: from compilation to analysis

Themes of organizational development sessions:

– strategic planning
– system organizational diagnostics
– organization strategic development
– service and sales management
– comprehensive solution to organizational problems
– organizational adjustments management
– value-oriented management

Gaming for an employee appraisal, motivation and development:

– brainstorming while playing for drawing up a step-by-step plan to achieve a business goal for a top managers, executives and a team consisting of a leader and subordinates
– a strategic session while playing “Back to the Future” for a top managers and executives to draw up a plan for achieving the company’s goals with an implementation period of 6 months
– “Sales in the GROW format” game technology – for estimation and development of the negotiation skills and handling rejections, for an overall employees appraisal on the basis of 30 criteria
– “Management in the GROW format” game technology – for estimation and development the goals setting skills, giving feedback and an execution control, subordinates interacting
– “Escape for 100 minutes” game technology – an estimation, team-building quest-room
– “The right decision” game technology – to increase awareness and develop the skill of making the best decision
– game “5+ Sale Edition” – for developing effective sales skills
– game “Inhabited Island” – for establishing communications and teamwork, for the personal development of each participant
– Event-training “Day of Power” – allows you to withdraw from the comfort zone, expand the blinkers and transfer to the stage of conscious incompetence
– game “This insane world” – to rally the team, withdraw from the comfort zone, expand the shor

Also we provide services:
– Strategic sessions
– Workshops
– Individual coaching and  coaching skills training for executives