About us

1. ABOUT LLC Guarantee TNG

The company  Guarantee TNG  started its activity as a business training direction in the group of companies  Kreston Guarantee Group Ukraine  in 2009. Gained momentum at full speed, the direction turned into a separate legal entity in 2013 and continues to develop successfully, building loyalty with increasing number of corporate clients.

In 2016, the company Guarantee TNG was recognized as a leader in the field of education.

In 2018 entered the most influential and the most numerous association of Business in Ukraine – European Business Association.


Guarantee TNG  provides services in the following areas:

Corporate staff training:
– Trainings
– Seminars
– Strategic sessions
– Workshops
– Coaching
– Simulation exercises

Consultancy. Informational and consulting business support:
– Proactive selling system construction  and support to the result
– Help in conversion increasing from a potential client into a real one
– Increasing the plenty of new customs
– Depression of the customers acquisition costs
– A floating capital raise due to an average purchase size increasing or a client management
– Consulting services provision as to statutory, management and fiscal accounting, Employment and Labour Law, Commercial Law
– Tax planning and optimization
– Tax audits maintenance and tax decisions appeal
– Contracts and supporting primary documentations analysis against a legislative requirements and minimization of negative tax consequences
– Company internal regulations development (accounting policy, marketing policy, regulations: on business trips, on hospitality expenditures, on discounts, on departure work type, etc.).


– A clean slate
– Business coaches are practical persons with 10-20 years of coaching experience
– prior experience working with companies from different business areas
– 20% of companies, which have received trainings, continue to cooperate with us in the field of consulting
– 80% of our trainings customer companies resort to us again
– Systemic multifaceted approach to training individually for the customer company
– Training programs are developed for the each client business realities
– Testimonials and references from companies – the industry sectors leaders
– Adequate costs and regular customer loyalty program
– Up and running service and support of every project by a back-office


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