Vladimir Chesnakov

Philosophy and Psychology lecturer, organizational development consultant, business coach, moderator. One of the first business coaches in the Ukrainian market. Candidate of philosophical sciences, Associate Professor, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master.
More than 20 years work experience in domestic and foreign companies. He is a business coach, certified by the Scientific Methods Center (USA, Texas) in 1994 to hold a “Managerial Grid” seminars. He is a strategic sessions and organizational development sessions facilitator and moderator. He is a stuff training and development authorized consultant in different companies.

Mr. Chesnakov holds original companies organizational development trainings, leadership and management skills development practical courses, effective thinking and decision-making skills, creativity, effective communication, team building, effective sales and negotiation skills trainings. He has a great experience in non- directive coaching and executives consulting.

Mr. Chesnakov provides effective supervision and specialists systematic individual coaching in “field” trainings. Experience in business teams organization and moderation under strategic and operational plans development. He has extensive experience in specialized training development for companies needs and tasks.

– In the training group he acts as the carrier of the proposed training standard and has a leader behaviour.
– All programs are adapted for the customers specific business tasks.
– 2 or 3 day training includes preliminary diagnostics (if necessary – in the “field”) and post-training customer consultation.
– During the trainings, he also performs personnel diagnosis (the level of skill development, motivation, strengths – weaknesses, individual development program).