Ruslan Shum

– Consultant, game engineer and creator of 15 game technologies for appraisal, motivation and employee development.
– Business consultant in the new customers cost reducing, increasing the number of clients and improving the customer service for small and medium businesses.
– Coacher for small and medium business owners.
14 years of experience in the field of sales and 7 years in the field of training and developing. Spheres B2B, В2С, FMCG. He has trained and developed more than 5000 people. Since 2013, more than 50 companies have moved to a new level of development with the achievement of their business goals (increase in income by 20% – 200%).
He holds marketing tuning consultations to reduce the new customers attracting costs, to increase the average purchase size and the clients’ life cycle;
He holds a coaching session for small and medium business owners to find solutions and achieve objectives;
He helps companies to create their own corporate simulation exercises for appraisal, motivation and employee development;
He holds original simulation exercises for appraisal, motivation and employee development.
Activities in the field of marketing and propelling the business to the next level
– Strategic sessions on plotting of business development, finding effective solutions and creating a step-by-step action plan.
– Strategic sessions on setting up marketing to increase sales, the average purchase size and the number of customers.
– Sessions on analyzing the target audience for the packaging of selling propositions.
– Small and medium business owners individual consulting based on the increase in sales results by 20 and more percent
– Individual system coaching for small and medium business owners to find solutions and achieve objectives.
-Induction training on business digitalization and increasing the number of leads for online sales
– Master-class on creating online employees to improve business performance.
– Online managers creation and their introduction to the company to increase online sales up to 80% in the next 3 months.
– Creation and implementation of an active partner sales system.
Simulation exercises:
– Employee appraisal using projective gaming technology
– System development of skills for managers and employees of the sales department using learning gaming technologies
– Development or assistance in the development of customer’s own corporate gaming technology for the appraisal, motivation and employee development (development of business games for managers, subordinates, mixed groups to achieve specific company goals);
Strategic sessions:
– Construction of the staff training and development department.
– Strategic plotting for the company development
– Marketing plotting to increase sales and number of customers
– Creation of corporate gaming technology to improve staff efficiency
– Brainstorming to find solutions in an unfolding situation