Oleksandr Sokolovskyi

Psychologist, consultant in the field of system sales construction in B2B markets and franchising networks development, business coach, negotiator, mediator.
16 years of actual practice as a Sales Director, a top manager, a specialist in system sales in B2B markets. Work experience both in large companies and as an included consultant. It was held more than 500 hours of coach sessions for executives and companies owners and more than 1000 hours of negotiators trainings.
Being a company representative and an experts group moderator, it was won more than 50 multi-round negotiations with a large check. It was held more than 60 original trainings, developed for companies requests.
– He delivers original effective sales skills trainings in long-term contracts.
– Companies changes support associated with the introduction of a sustainable system of proactive selling, rapid growth and companies development.
– Coach consulting for owners and managers of business organizations.
– Organization and moderation of groups, business teams, in the process of strategic developing and operational plans.
– Experience in the implementation of CRM systems, business processes descriptions, procedures, regulations and scripts for programmable purchases funnels. TerraSoft implementation Partner in 2008-2009.
– Experience in the business team formation, from the key players search to tasks training and orientation.
– Directional systems building practitioner of sales managers and negotiators.
– He has extensive employee diagnostic and necessary training model selection experience, both collective and individual to achieve business goals.
-Marketing and lead generation model building practitioner suitable for the chosen sales strategy.
– Negotiator in deals with macrocontracts.
– System sales construction consultant on a turn-key basis.
– Mediation practitioner in disputes resolution between companies owners.